About Kenai Drilling

capt cook at anchorage

Kenai Drilling was established in 2012 to handle drilling operations in the Cook Inlet of Alaska for Buccaneer Energy and is overseeing their drilling program. Based in Kenai, the company is working with Spartan Offshore and Buccaneer Energy’s operating company to run a drilling program that began when the Endeavour, The Spirit of Independence arrived in the Cook Inlet mid 2012. Being locally based and operated, Kenai Drilling will be the premier operator in the Cook Inlet of Alaska and a valued member of the community.

“Buccaneer Energy began its Alaskan Program in 2010 and is firmly committed to finding oil and gas in the Cook Inlet. The establishment of Kenai Drilling in Kenai is key to our successful implementation of that plan,” said Dean Gallegos, Finance Director Buccaneer Energy.